Barbara D.
Tina has been doing my taxes for more than 10 years and I think she’s the best!  She takes the time to understand my business and suggest strategies to legally maximize my deductions. She helped me organize my record keeping to make it easier to find the information I need at the end of the year as well as pointing out missed opportunities to capture other deductible expenses. H&R never did that!  Now I just send her my year-end investment statement, 1099s, and a few other forms and she works her magic!  I’ve been happy with the results every year! 

Tina also provides classes in various aspects of tax law that can help the average person minimize their tax liability.  It’s great to feel like you know what’s going on without having to become a tax expert yourself and it’s an opportunity to ask questions when you aren’t getting billed by the hour. And sometimes other people ask relevant questions you hadn’t thought of!

Kevin J.
Tina is very knowledgeable in the tax laws. She was able to communicate and provide me with a plan.  I am very happy that she’s working with me to improve my portfolio, reduce my tax liabilities, abate penalties, and reduce interest.

Tiffany H., CPA  | Controller
Tina is a very thoughtful and analytical person. She has a high level of professionalism and is very knowledgeable in her field. I would definitely recommend her for any tax management position.

Albert S., CPA  | Tax Strategies | Profit Improvement | Problem Solving
I worked with Tina in the past perform tax planning and analysis work for a real estate investor. Tina was very responsive and customer service oriented in her approach to this client. I would highly recommend her for similar work or a variety of other tax related projects.